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Why Do You Want to Live a Healthy Lifestyle?- Ep.2

Why make changes to your lifestyle?

What area of your health is not 100% or you're not satisfied with? Considering your goal in mind, what will it take to either reach that goal or satisfaction in the area of your life? Is it relationships, financially, your mindset- do you just simply want to be happier?

What is that goal that you've thought about? What comes to mind when I ask you these questions when I ask you these questions? Now it is a heavy question so take some time to figure this one out.

If your mind wants to go off then let it. Visualize if you have the time. Or come back to this at the end of the post and ask yourself.

Or maybe you don't know where to start. Your why is the purpose, cause or belief that really inspires you. What is driving you to read this article. It could be that you want to live a more fulfilling life so you're putting health on the forefront of your life. It could be a variety of different things but what's driving you to read this is that you want to learn more.

If that's not the case then what is. Dig deep and say to yourself, why am I reading this? What is most important to me in reading this? Is it learning about yourself, learning about what it takes to live a happier, healthier lifestyle or is it just a matter of becoming your best self? You have to determine that. I can come up with ideas for you but you're the one who has to say this is why. Because what ever is going to come to mind is not right or wrong, it's your choice. Your why is going to drive you to the next step and it's taking that action.

When I ask you why you want to learn to live a healthier lifestyle, what are the words, even people, that come to mind for you. Those first thoughts are so important because they're what sticks with you. If someone asks you in the future, or even tomorrow, "What's that podcast you were talking about? Yeah why do you want to live a healthier lifestyle, that seems ridiculous?"

"Don't you enjoy drinking beer and eating burgers everyday and fries and just not caring?"

If you have that "why" so anchored in, it's not going to matter what that other person says because it's what you want to do for your life it's what you want to do for you!

Is it to love what you see in the mirror? Do you feel like crap and you're kind of tired of it? Maybe it's that you want to keep up with your kids. I know some of you have nieces and nephews, cousins, your friend's kids. It's important to you no matter what that reason is. It's adding years to your life just by making small changes. As drastic as that sounds, it really is. Those small changes gradually make you happier.

Do you want to train for a marathon, a triathlon, a half marathon or maybe it's just a 5k or even a mile? That's ok, if you want to be able to jog a mile without being out of breath, that's your goal. That's your purpose! It doesn't have to be related to your career right now, it doesn't have to be related to your finances, to your relationships, to your family and friends. It's about you. This reason is you and you only. You can have a support team and I hope you do. Someone who is going to be there for you along the way. That reason is going to be your reason, not someone else's reason.

It might be a bigger aspect of physical fitness. A lot of the people I work with want to be in their best physical shape so they want to do a Tough Mudder, a Ragnar relay race- there's 10 or 4 of you and you have so many legs of the race to run. Maybe it's just to sign up for Cross Fit and feeing comfortable in your skin being there. Taking a bootcamp and being able to get through the class without wanting to throw up. Again, it's your why for wanting to live a healthier lifestyle. It's your why for wanting to step in to make these changes.

If it's to increase your energy. I'm so proud of you for listening to this. As short and sweet as that is, that's why I came on this health journey. I wanted more energy. I wanted to do more more. I wanted to feel great! I was feeling like crap and I want to make those changes so I took my health into my own hands. Now I don't mean that I didn't see doctors, I mean that I said to myself "this is important to me, I'm going to make the choices right now to life a healthier lifestyle." It progressed to the point where right now I can still say I know my body so well. I know what's going on and what's changing. If I'm not getting those answers, I'm going to go find them.

Your reasons are valid and you don't need anyone's approval to make those changes in your lifestyle.

This concept of your why should really make you feel like you have fire from within. If you're not convinced then what's to say you're going to stick with it or even implement small adjustments. The larger goal can be short term or long term. Anchor in the why, regardless how long the journey will be.

Like I said before, your support team is going to be crucial for you applying this to your life. The people around you that love you, that want you to be healthier, happier, want you to do whatever it takes to get up in the morning. Share your why with them if you feel comfortable. It may help you to even just say it aloud in the morning.

"I'm living a healthy lifestyle to have more energy."

Having someone help you implement those healthy habits is going to make those days where you're dragging your feet and you really would like to go off and just drink 5 beers (if you have a high tolerance). Now that's not my go-to because I have a really low tolerance and anyone who knows me would know that's a bad situation for me. It's different for every person though. Your love for sugar might make you decide on a rough day you could really use a piece of cake. So you bake an entire cake.

I have not baked an entire cake but I have baked a ton of cookies. Trying to quench that craving!

How do you stop the cravings? In this situation someone on your team may have to say to you, "maybe you should skip that, today." They may have to suggest going for a walk, taking the dog outside, to pop in a DVD for the kids and dance along with them.

Your health is collectively your physical state, mental state, and deep down in your soul. So are you ready to take that next step? I could come up with all of the reasons to why you want to do this but are you ready? You've come up with your why but now you need to take action.

I believe in you but you have to believe in yourself and make these changes because no one else can take this action for you. Take this information, take these tools and go figure our your why so you can make it a "right now" moment. Not a future moment where you're like "you know next Monday I'll start eating healthy" or "next Sunday I'm going to start working out more" or "I'm going to drink less caffeine."

Stop with those excuses. Figure out your why now and make that change tomorrow. Or make the change right away!

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