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First Steps into a Healthier Life- Ep.1

Healthy and balanced doesn't look the same for everyone so you're going to take some information differently than another person. That's ok you're meant to determine how this goes based on how this fits in your life. No two lives are the same as each of us have a different genetic makeup and we require some nutrients that others don't.

Some of us can handle high impact and some of us have injuries. Some of us need a lot of mindset work. Some of us are already positive and have made these changes. Either way there is no set time it will take for you to reach a healthy goal but the effort, time, priority level, they're all going to be determining how you feel along the way.

Put your health at your first priority and you'll be closer to becoming your best self. But if you can't put yourself first how good are you going to be for the people you love. Are you going to be able to give them 100% when they need you? Probably not.

Now as more research is done, I'm going to be shifting along with it. So one day I might tell you, "Oh my god I love my apple cider vinegar shot." I take it every morning with water. Then a month from now I'm going to tell you it's not as beneficial. That's ok, don't kick yourself because you've been doing it for a year. It's going to change along with everything else. What foods are good, how to workout effectively to lose more weight, all of its going to change but how you respond and how you make those adjustments along the way is whats most important.

So take everything I say with a grain of salt.

Say to yourself "does this work for my life" because that's really what I'm here for. I'm here to set you up for success. So apply it to your life the best way you can according to your life, not someone else's. When I have experts come in and give you knowledge and some great ideas.

Don't say...

"Oh I have to do all of that in my life?"

"I can't do this because of x,y,z!"

You don't need to talk yourself through that moment, just say nope that's not for me. And if something that someone says in my podcast that sounds challenging or you don't really understand it then ask more questions. Talk to your doctor or write me an email and we can get the expert back on the phone and see what they have to say about your question.

My goal isn't to confuse you and add more to your life. It's to enhance your life. Now we're going to look at what questions you need to ask yourself how you're going to live a healthier life.

Are you putting yourself first throughout the day?

What are you eating?

Are you moving?

Are you exercising and resting?

What are the thoughts that are crossing your mind?

Are there emotions you're feeling or suppressing?

All of those are important questions to be asking yourself that are crucial in determining how to step into living a healthier life. Not all of us can choose to answer those questions and feel great about them but it's not a matter of feeling great about them. It's about, here's where I have an issue and I need to address it.

The first one- putting yourself first. Making some time for you. Are you taking your schedule and blocking off 10 minutes to say this is when I'm going to read or this is when I'm going to listen to music by myself. If you're not taking your time to yourself. Then you're running around with your head cut off trying to help these people, trying to do one thing after another and you're not grounding yourself. You're not connecting with your deeper soul. Therefore, you might lead to suppressing emotions because you don't have the space to do it. You choose to just keep going, keep trucking along. Me time is going to bring sanity to some people who have kids, a full house but me time is learning more about yourself and how you show up in the world as your best self. If you want to come home to your significant other and be 100%, you have to contribute to yourself before you can contribute to someone else. May that's in loving yourself and loving your body. All of that comes into play.

Now what you're eating throughout the day...

Are you carb loading in the afternoon and you're crashing at night?

Are you exhausted by 12:00pm and you're stuffing your face with food you're not happy about?

How can you readjust the way you're eating so that you're fueling your body and not putting it into starvation mode and then replenishing. You want a healthy balance in what works with your life. If you get up early and you don't want to eat until you're done your workout. That's fine, that's what works for you. Some people get up super early and they want to eat before their kids get up or maybe they want to eat before that have to go to the gym. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, what does that look like. Answer those questions for yourself to say ok, where do I need help. So if you need help in nutrition, ask for it! Find someone that's an expert in the field. I'll have an expert come on a podcast soon because nutrition is so important. If they can help guide you, that means there are people out there that can help you so find a nutritionist. Speak to your doctor and see who they recommend. Speak to a friend. Reach out if you feel lost in this area.

How you move throughout the day is the third factor. Are you exercising? Are you doing yoga? Are you going to classes? Are you doing AcroYoga? Whatever it may be. Are you getting up and walking? Or are you sitting at a desk from 9-5pm. You know your but doesn't have to be glued to that chair the entire day. You can get up and do a quick lap around the office and sit back down. You can stand up!

Make it flexible so you can adjust to your goals. If you want to lose some weight. If you want to be more flexible. Then get up before lunch and stretch or get up and go fill your water. Water is super important throughout the day but in getting to that destination to say I'm doing this because this is for me and I need this to reach my goals. So to reach my goals I have to walk to the water and walk back. You're doing two great things for yourself. You're drinking water and getting in a little bit of movement during the day.

Now the 4th important factor is the thoughts that cross your mind. Are you kicking yourself the moment you wake up? Are you saying "ugh I didn't work out" or "I didn't wake up early enough" or "I have this entire to-do list to get through and I have no time." Start your day off in a way that's powerful but that's also empowering you. That's putting you for a position for success saying I'm great and I'm going to do the best I can today. Now how can I start the day right now with a smile on my face. Is it writing, reading, or listening to your favorite song. You have to ask yourself that question. What is that thought I'm having in the morning, that's starting my day off on that tone?

As the day goes on, is your mind switching to say "when can I relax" or "when can I get to the gym?" And you start to adjust your priorities because you start to realize you don't have as much time as you thought. You have to go grocery shopping or you said you were going to meet a friend for drinks. Get that mind to understand that you you're trying to enjoy your life, you're trying to find a balance and that its ok if it's not perfect at the ned of the day. If you did one great thing then that's amazing. You accomplished something that's for you. Now you can still pat yourself on the back if you accomplished something at work because again, you did that. It's for your career success. So if you spoke to your significant other in a nice way and you usually harp on him for not emptying the dishwasher, be proud of yourself that you did that. That's the one great thing you did today. You determine the level of communication to your brain that says I'm doing the best I can.

Onto #5, the emotions you're feeling or suppressing. Are there times that you're facing a goal of that you want to lose weight by March and right now I'm nowhere near that. You say "you know what screw it, I'm just going to eat whatever I want and I'll try again in a few months." By switching that motion to say that you're pissed off at yourself but you don't feel like feeling that right now. "I don't feel like going through that so I'm just going to skip over that and move onto the next emotion." Which in turn is hunger. How can I be happy right now?

That emotion that you just felt of disappointment in yourself. You need to completely switch and say what can I do right now. You make a choice every second to say this is going to be a better decision.

Are you upset with someone? Are you upset with yourself for a health decision, a career, relationship decision? You have to feel that emotion. You don't have to feel it right then and there, you can get up and go to the bathroom if you're at work. Go journal it out, call a friend and tell them that you'd really love if they'd listen that you need to vent. All of that is releasing some stress and pressure on yourself which wreaks havoc on your body. BY going through those emotions, you're not holding them in, suppressing them, that they're not worthy of coming out because you can't be that vulnerable and do that. Your body physically needs that, your soul need you to feel through the emotions.

The final factor is- how does your life feel out of balance? Everyone talks about balancing their health, career and finances. In fact with success in every aspect of their life. What does it look like to you? A balance may be getting home at 5pm to get to your kids. It may be getting home by 6:30pm because you wanted to take an exercise class and now you have to cook some dinner. You determine the balance just as well as you determine what healthy looks like in your life. A healthy balanced lifestyle is per person.

If you want to go to yoga and the gym as well, then that's a balance for you because you worked and then you get to do this. If you are an entrepreneur and you're not at a 9-5pm, you have the flexibility to chose when you go to the gym, yoga, or get drinks with a friend, then your life is in a different balance. How can you balance running a business or spending time with family and being with your friends or a loved one?

My final note is kind of coincidental in that a year ago I lost my grandfather and less than 24 hours later I lost my job. That happened today one year ago and I'm sitting here sharing with you that anything is possible. You don't have to set yourself up for failure. You can try and try and keep going. You can push yourself through those challenging moments. Set your goal. Set your dreams and say I am going to achieve that. No one is going to do that for you.

This year has been the most amazing, transformational, learning experience for myself and I want you guys to step into that space for yourself. To say I'm going to live my best life, NOW. And I'm going to do that by helping you have the tools to live a healthy lifestyle. If it's waking up in yoga pants, then hell I'm going to get you there. I absolutely love being in exercise clothes everyday, all day. Don't get me wrong I love to dress up but that feeling of, I'm living my life to the fullest... I'm going to get you there!

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