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Honey, Are You Awake Yet?

Did you hear that from your parents growing up? Even now do you hear that from your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, or from your roommate who is wondering why you're not awake yet and they are ready to leave for work....

baby peacefully sleeping

I thought that I slept like a sweet little baby but woke up with no energy and felt depleted without even getting out of bed.

The clock read...




I thought if I slept in that it’s what my body needed. This woman right here needs a solid 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep. SNOOZE! Quickly searching for the stop or dismiss button happened that on the reg! My consistent routine in the morning was pulling whatever hope I had for energy to turn into anxiety. Not 3 but 4 alarms all with different songs and messages that were supposed to motivate me. "Rise & Shine Beautiful" was my favorite one. Each and every alarm I set were finally shut off until my body responded with anxiety or it was the last second before I had somewhere to be. I woke up depleted and the day hadn’t even begun. ⠀

Puppy asleep

That daily mess of a wake up routine has since changed for me. I get to bed when I'm ready and before the next day has arrived my eyes are shut. No, that's not the best routine for everyone but I do what is best for me and I find productivity at night just as amazing as 7am "me time."

That leads me to some tips and adjustments to wake up earlier and create a healthy morning routine.

Ask yourself why do you want to wake up earlier.

- To get to the gym before work.

- To meditate before starting the day.

- So you stop rushing to your first appointment of the day.

- Be on time to work.

- Make a fresh breakfast.

- Get time with your significant other before they leave for work.

- Have time with your kid(s) before heading to work.

- Listen to a motivating podcast to start your day on a positive note.

- Take your dog for a longer walk before you have to fly out the door.

Whatever the reason may be, find the emotion behind the reason and visualize the end result. Play that feeling over in your head the night before and set a goal to wake up 15, 30 or 60 minutes before you normally do. I suggest gradually increasing the amount of time before your normal time to start.

If you don't feel your reason for waking up early is strong enough then consider the energy and productivity you will have throughout the day if you get plenty of sleep. You have the opportunity every day to wake up an extra hour earlier to start the day relaxed with the intention to be happy and healthy no matter the curve balls thrown at you. That extra hour I use for The Miracle Morning. I'm journaling, reading, visualizing, stretching and sometimes I get quiet and meditate. It creates this sense of accomplishment in the morning that gives me the motivation to keep that performance level going. Hal Elrod's book, The Miracle Morning, dives deeper into the purpose and meaning behind waking up early for you. You can download the first two chapters for FREE over on his website.

Want to step into this routine with guidance? Sign up for a session with me and work through your challenge with waking up early or starting a new healthy habit.

Rise and catch that sun coming up if you want to start the day smiling!

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