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Becoming a Health Nut

I come to you with complete openness and honesty. I've gone through many stages of eating healthy and I'm still on a journey of understanding what is best for my gut and what truly fuels my body. I am not a licensed nutritionist so please speak to your doctor or find a RN before taking any advice from here.

Yes, I'm a gluten free and dairy free personal trainer that believes everyone can find the right food and recipes to live a healthier lifestyle. However, I am never one to tell you the right and wrong way of doing what's healthiest for you. You know what your body responds well to and what makes it crash and feel sick. Girl, chocolate is still my saving grace! I'm going to dive into all the health and fitness hysteria throughout this blog.

I'll take you deeper into my current way of living when it comes to nutrition and exercise in my next post... stay tuned!

More of my story:

Workout at EverybodyFights in Boston, MA

There was a time back when I was a teenager that you could find me with a spoon and a container of store bought icing. I felt so sick after but just couldn't stop eating it. I had to throw the entire container away just to stop. We all have our weak moments but most importantly when we start to recognize the underlying reason for craving sugar, salty, and processed foods, we begin to heal. I was eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and I thought that made me happy. Oh hell no, was I completely wrong. This food didn't make me happy it just allowed me to avoid my emotions and ignore the root of the problem... my insecurities about being tall and thin. (Thankfully, I'm healing this mindset)

[Please note: I have never had an easy disorder. For those reading this that do have an eating disorder, I hope that you have the right support and please know that you're not alone.]

I grew up with parents whom raised me on athletics and naps. They brought me to a gym before I was in high school of my own request. Of course I loved it! Since then, I have always wanted to help people live healthier lives and became obsessed with learning about exercise through health magazines, articles online, and personal trainers.

Now I have a better understanding of what works for people at home, in the gym and through their weight loss journey. I'm a certified Personal Trainer through American Council on Exercise (ACE) and have been for four years now. I'm starting to get more of an understanding of the nutritional aspects and soon will take another exam to receive a Sports Nutrition certification.

Join me on my journey to empower more women to take control of their health and put themselves first!

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